Scripting In Second Life
LSL is one of the key features of Second Life that empower citizens to be as creative as their imaginations will allow. As I find and create useful scripts, I will share what I learn with you here in the hopes it will help you build new exciting projects of your own
Bieneff's Guide To The Multi-Love-Pose
Miffy Fluffy's MLP is super duper cool, but it can be daunting to configure the first time. That's why you should read my article, "Bieneff's Guide To Configuring The Multi-Love-Pose", and get the scoop on how to get the MLP up and running lickety-split.
There are surprisingly few simple example scripts laying around the Internet. That's a shame because I find simple example scripts to be a great way to learn the basics of LSL. In the near future I will present some simple examples of my own here. Keep your eyes peeled.