A dresser for my socks... a jar for my cookies... and now this: a website for my miscellaneous Second Life stuff. Welcome to Ravewalla. Here you will find things that are more suited to this website than to an in-world presentation. Enjoy! -- Bieneff Bruder

SLake - Events and Projects of Substance in SL
Looking for events and projects in SL that appeal to the mind and spirit? Challenging, interesting, thought-provoking stuff? Then you must read SLake.
Benicia Hill Community Center
The Benicia Hill Community Center is a public space for fun chats, serious discussions, parties, and other events. Our other amenities include romantic aeries, lovely grounds to explore, and a natural pool with deck. We host events designed to bring interesting and fun residents of Second Life together, and we welcome your participation. Learn more...
LSL Scripting
LSL is one of the key features of Second Life that empower citizens to be as creative as their imaginations will allow. As I find and create useful scripts, I will share what I learn with you here in the hopes it will help you build new exciting projects of your own.
Bieneff's Guide To Framing Artwork For Second Life Using Photoshop
Not only is it possible to create a beautifully framed photograph in a single prim, it's easy to do. This article shows how to mat and frame a photo (or any other 2D artwork) using a simple Photoshop technique.
Custom Graphics
I make custom graphics for signs, textures, and so on. Do you need some custom graphics? Perhaps an eye-catching sign or logo for your shop? Or maybe a texture for your new build? IM me in-world, and let's discuss. Here are a few examples of my work.
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